Separation Anxiety

So, for the first time ever my threenager has gone off for a few days with my mum and dad to their caravan 300 miles away! 

We dropped her off early on Sunday morning and she was so excited, going on about ‘toasting marshmallows by a fire’ (Almost definitely not going to happen in a caravan) I had to quickly say my goodbyes before my crazy pregnancy hormones took over, held it together until I got in the car and cried like a baby. So Rich cheered me up the only way he knows how – he took me for breakfast and a walk down the beach. 

As you can see from the pic above it was a beautiful day! And the fun didn’t stop there, After a walk along South Bay in sunny Scarbados (A.K.A. home) we decided to take a little trip down the coast to Bridlington and we had such a nice walk, albeit pointing out all the fun places we will be taking Ella on our next trip. Me and bump were tired from all the walking so went home and enjoyed a well deserved nap!

I was rudely awoken from my nap to be told to get up and get ready for date night! Was hoping to go to put favourite Tapas restaurant but it was closed so went to the Italian down the road and it was lovely an and afterwards enjoyed a walk down yet another beach, this time the one where we may nearly 8 years ago!

I think when you have kids you forget so quickly what it was like before they came along and although I feel like I’ve lost an arm. It’s only a few days and most importantly I get to spend some quality time with my man like we used to because it will soon be all over and before we know it we’ll be arguing about who’s doing the next nightfeed or who’s turn it is to do the shitty nappy! 



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