Parental Outsourcing is BS

So, being the hormonal volcano that I am at 38 weeks pregnant, I spend my days watching documentaries – when I’m not cleaning the house for the 17th time that day after Hurricane Ella, my delightful daughter has empty the contents of one of many toy boxes all over the floor, that is.

I came across a particularly good one on ‘All 4’ called ‘Too posh to parent’ and quite frankly I was HORRIFIED.

The premise of the documentary was mothers who were searching for/ had already acquired so called ‘Nannies’ to raise their children for them, however the job description didn’t end there. They are expected to do pretty much everything, borderline slaves!


These people are expected to give up their lives and go above and beyond the needs of their employer for what I expect is a basic wage, be spoken to as if they are nothing, forced to look plain and ugly so that they cannot be seen to be competition to the female of the house and generally do as they’re told!

An agency called ‘Nanny and Butler’ was used to find the millionaires the best home help money can buy. I’ve since browsed their website and came across this list of ‘responsibilities’

Our Nannies are responsible for:

  • Whether the applicant is on the Protection of Children Act List and has therefore been banned from working with children in a childcare role.
  • All nursery duties. This includes cooking, cleaning and laundry, but only for the children
  • Physical care of the children
  • Supporting and providing activities for the development of the children
  • Providing well balanced and nutritious meals
  • Cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom, playroom
  • Cleaning and laundering the children’s clothes and toys
  • Responsibility for cleaning and maintaining household equipment relating to the care of the children
  • Taking children to playgroup, nursery, school and on outings appropriate to their age
  • Preparing for special occasions such as birthday parties
  • Caring for children when they are sick and administering medicine(s)
  • Travelling with the children and preparing for holidays, weekend visits, etc.
  • Communicating with parents on all aspects of the care of their children
  • Discussion with parents relating to time on and off duty, nursery expenses, transport, babysitting
  • Cleaning and tidying the accommodation provided for the nanny.

Don’t get me wrong, raising kids is HARD WORK. And I, like most working mums have help! My daughter attends pre-school 3 half days a week and (when I was at work #maternityleave) the rest of the time I was lucky enough to have my parents to look after her.

However, the rest of the time I am 100 % committed to being a mother. I do my own kids washing, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, scaring away the monsters in the night, sitting up when she’s not well, doing activities I absolutely hate just so she’s happy – the list literally goes on and on. And all this is fitted around a full-time job that quite frankly is bloody necessary. It pays for the roof over our heads, the trips to soft play, the new shoes after she’s scuffed hers riding her back for the millionth time this year – and quite frankly bugger all else! But surely if I was a millionaire, like the women from this programme, I’d be able to pay people to do some of my jobs for me to free up time to spend with my kids! Why would I want to pay someone to physically raise my children? That is MY JOB! That is after all why we have children, is it not?

One of the women featured in the documentary has been quoted saying:

“Yes, I do cherry-pick the parts of parenting I want to do, but what is wrong with that? I think most parents would, too — if they could afford it. “
Nina Naustdal

Read more:

I hope when my daughter looks back on her childhood she remembers all the love her family have given her, not some random stranger that is paid to look after her. I want her to remember all the bike rides, feeding the ducks, holidays, beach days etc. And I will be in all of these memories.

Why have children if you’re not going to enjoy them or nurture them to the best of your ability, as far as I’m concerned that’s why we are here!

Side note: I’m trying to write this post sat on the sofa, ready to pop out baby number 2 in the next 10 days, with my nearly 4-year-old daughter laid next to me – who is naked and eating pink Smarties whilst watching Paw Patrol. What more could the kid want? So, shove your mansion and your slaves, we are happy as Larry.

I thought I’d write a list of all the things I LOVE about being a mummy that I would miss if I had a full time nanny:

  • CUDDLES – There is just nothing better.
  • The cries in the night just for me.
  • Teaching a new skill
  • Having conversations, whether that’s why the sky is blue or why we don’t announce that we have farted in public.
  • Days out together
  • Laughing – At everything and anything!
  • Being the best comfort when your child is unwell.

I bet there are upsides, all of us mum’s love a moan and a whinge when we are fed up about X, Y and Z but do they really compare to the above? NEVER.



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