I HAD A BABY! : Part Two

So, as Valentine’s Day approached I was miserable. And fat. Like, really fat. Double decker bus, house end fat. My bodily functions appeared to have stopped working, my waddle was similar to that of an Emperor penguin – oh the romance.


Fortunately, I know my fiancé inside and out and I knew that when I woke up I should not expect a Michael Kors watch, a dozen red roses, a puppy or anything else that most girls upload photos of to Instagram with the hashtag #luckygirl – nor would I get a card. And this year, I almost definitely would not be getting lucky!

We just don’t do Valentine’s Day, I’m pretty sure in the years we have been together I have NEVER even had a card.


But I digress, Rich left for work at 5:30 and I slept until the she devil Ella woke me up. It was just another normal day. I was stroppy as always as I was huge, bored and anxious as to when this bloody baby would expel himself from my body! We ended up going to my mums where Ella plays for hours on end.

I had text my midwife the day before and asked – well practically BEGGED her to fit me in for another sweep as I could not deal with the pressure, Braxton hicks, waddle and especially the ridiculous heartburn that was making me vomit after EVERY meal. Luckily, she obliged to fit me in. So, off I went, the only date I was having for Valentine’s Day and certainly the only action I was going to get! So once again, all dignity was left at the door and another sweep ensued. As expected, the verdict: 3cm dilated, bulging membranes and absolutely no idea why I hadn’t popped yet but she explained when I did eventually labour it would be quick. She booked me in for an induction the following week but I knew for certain there was not a chance I was going another day overdue!

I walked down the road to visit Rich’s mum and I was in a lot of pain, she said she could see on my face it wouldn’t be long so I again left her in suspense for another day wondering when her precious grandson would arrive.

Ella decided she didn’t want to sleep at home and would sleep at her Granny’s, which in retrospect was for the best!

I spent all evening bouncing on that gym ball like I had never bounced before in the hope it would shift this little man, and by about 9pm I could tell it was working! I bounced beside Rich whilst he played Fifa so he could keep a close eye – or rather shout ‘ARE YOU OK?’ every time I dared to breathe a little too heavily – MEN!

After much bouncing and a quick shower, I took myself off to bed. Not that I could sleep for the Braxton Hick’s – or so I thought. I decided to download a contraction timer app to see if there was any kind of pattern and stopped and started it at every twinge and I dozed. About 1:00 am I knew these were contractions and not the Braxton Hick’s I’d been accustomed to over the last few weeks and they were getting stronger and stronger. I tried to wake Rich up but the lazy bastard was practically comatosed! By 1:30am I’d managed to revive him and phoned the hospital and my mum.

We got to the hospital around 2am and got to go into one of their birthing suites on the Midwife Led Unit, it was so big and calm. I was examined and was 4cm. Like my previous labour, apart from to be examined I could not sit or lay down instead leaning over the ginormous birthing pool. I had been listening to hypnobirthing podcasts for weeks in the hope I could focus my mind when the time came, however this all went out the window and I just counted and breathed my way through them until POP my waters went at 2:30 am, my waters had never broken when I had my daughter so I had no idea what to do and the midwife just told me to ‘Clean myself up’. Great, my mum helped me to dress and Rich passed comment about how my whole body language had changed and I looked so much more relaxed now my waters had broken – idiot! Within seconds of the words falling out of his mouth I was in AGONY. It was definitely gas and air time, that feeling is. My. Favourite. Rich stood behind me cuddling me or more propping me up.

Then what everyone dreads, the midwife Anna checked the baby’s heartbeat for a few minutes and I could tell by her face it wasn’t good news. His heart rate was dropping at an alarming rate and as Anna was alone on the unit we would have to go over to the main delivery suite and fast. She calmly told me that she had sent for a wheelchair for me, being the stubborn person that I am I said there is absolutely no way I would be sitting in a wheelchair. Well, I was categorically told I would be sitting in the wheelchair and I would do it now. Ok, off we went flying down the corridors of the hospital with my mum and Rich hurriedly following behind.

I got into the delivery suite, and I could not stand the pain. I asked for something stronger and was told I would need to be strapped up and monitored first to make sure the baby was ok. Like I mentioned earlier, I HATE laying down when in labour the pain just feels so much worse. I laid on my left side and was examined, and amazingly I was already 10 cm. All of a sudden I had to push. Attractively Rich held my leg that I had been flailing in the air and my mum held my hand. After 5 good pushes, he was here.

After an amazing 43 minute labour my son… this little man entered our world!




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